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About me

I have been programming for many years. I chose to specialize in functional programming that mainly focuses on creating correct and maintainable programs. What does it mean? Clear, comprehensible and flexible code as well as less number of bugs to fix.

However it’s not an easy programming style to master. It takes a great deal of practice to be fully proficient. I had been gaining practice for many years working in multiple companies where prevailed functional languages, such as:

  • Haskell (a flagship functional language),
  • Elm (much simpler language dedicated to frontend applications),
  • Clojure (a LISP-like language),
  • and many more ones that support functional programming to a greater or lesser extent.

Currently I conduct trainings and promote functional programming. The list of trainings can be found in trainings section. My OpenSource activity and other work for the community:

I do also individual project consultancy. I encourage you to use the contact form at the bottom.




xFox24 screenshot

xFox24 is a friendly tool for monitoring payments. It shows you in a simple way how much of your money is coming to you from overdue invoices. The application was created in a purely functional language (Elm) that enabled its fast creation and failure-free operation.

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If you’re interested in the topic or you need some help, don’t hesitate! I will respond as soon as possible.

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